June 8

Cafe & Bistro


Small Plates / Tapas



Marinated Olives  £2.50  Sourdough Bread £1.00


Tortilla, Spanish Potato Omelette  (v) £3.95


Sautéed Mushrooms in Garlic  £4.25


Porchetta,  Slow roasted pork belly  £5.00


Caponata, Aubergine,Peppers,Tomatoes, Olives, Capers (V) £4.75


Prawns in Chilli and Garlic  £6.25


Manchego Cheese Croquettes with Quince Jam  £5.25


Chorizo in Red Wine Sauce  £4.75


Spanish Meatballs in Tomato Sauce  £ 5.25


Spanish Morcilla with Pears and Caramelised Red Onions   £5.25





Food allergies and intolerances:

Please ask a member of staff if you require information on the ingredients in the food we serve