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At June 8 Café and Bistro, we have been serving the people of Stoneleigh for several years. The heart of our philosophy is to cook simple but delicious food for all, as there's nothing greater than seeing a community of people united by good food. 


We love Mediterranean cuisine, often bringing customers samples of food from places such as Sicily and Turkey, giving them a taste of the authentic flavours from a location right on their doorstep. We also serve modern American classics like Eggs Benedict and Eggs Royale, along with the French classic, the Croque Monsieur. 


To bring the flavour of Spain to Stoneleigh, we stay open in the evening on selected Fridays for Tapas. We serve a variety of small plates and nibbles, taking customers on a journey through different areas of Spain.

Please see the menu for our Tapas selection.

At June 8 Café and Bistro, we are proud to support the local community, employing young people and students alike. We also offer availability for private hire services.

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